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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing We follow a 360-degree approach to promoting your product/services online by acquiring the attention of the targeted audience. As Digital Marketing experts, we understand the value of both Organic and Paid Marketing. Our team of Content Curators and Marketing experts knows how to bring the benefits of online branding in the favour of your business promotion.

Our ability to customize the content creatively based on the customer’s interests makes us the leading Digital Marketers. We closely work on brand awareness and on earning the loyalty of the customers by being visible on the internet. Level up your online marketing game and stand out from the competitors.

We Provide Best Digital Marketing


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Increase your brand visibility and traffic on the web page by SEM. Get ahead of your competitors by providing solutions of targeted customer solutions. Our team of SEM experts knows how to win the trust and build a brand reputation in the market.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Establish your credibility among the customers by being on all the possible social media channels. Our team of SMM closely works to build relationships with the customers by interacting with their needs and keeping them updated about your business and new deals and products.


Paid Advertisements

Upgrade your brand awareness with Paid Advertisements to increase sales by attracting the targeted audience. We include strategies like PPC, Social Media Ads, and Brand Ads. to attract users based on their demographics, interests, and previous interactions.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is challenging to be at the top of Google search results for a long time. Following advanced Search Engine Optimization techniques and trends ensures your visibility in top searches and our team of marketers assists in drawing huge traffic from the organic search.


Influencer Marketing

To enter the Gen-Z and Millennial hub, a business has to be relevant to its standards. Our team of Influencer marketing experts brings the most popular and approachable influencers on board to leverage the benefits of their following to increase your business sales.

Digital Marketing Services that Builds Long-term Customer Relationship

We understand the value of establishing a long-term customer relationship by understanding the customer's requirements. With everyone living their lives digitally, it has become essential to make them feel important in the crowd of millions of buyers with customized content.

Codec Factory is a combination of Creativity and Relevancy that is an expert in driving conversion through brand awareness. Let our team build your brand presence on Digital Platforms and Social Media Channels to boost your business sales by 50% without any huge investment.

Why our Digital Marketing Services?

We align with the thought of calling Time and Money an asset for any business that motivates us to bring the best results for our clients in no time. Our expertise in both Organic and Paid Marketing makes us the most desirable digital marketer across the world.

Through our advanced online marketing strategy, we boost your sales, conversion, and brand awareness in the minimum time by targeting the right audience. We assist you in standing out from the competitors through your unique and creative content created exclusively for your business buyers.


Helping Businesses in All Domains

If you are an industry expert, then we are the Alpha Digital Marketers who are ready with their online marketing strategy and tools to make your brand the best in the industry by boosting sales.






Real estate

Tour & Travels






On the mission of building your Brand Image

We are on the mission of building your brand image digitally through advanced online marketing services like SEO, SMM, Paid Ads, and Influencer Marketing. Our content curation and customization help us to draw the attention of the targeted audience by keeping the present customers engaged with the services.

Whether it is a web or mobile presence, let your business build a strong persona on different online channels to claim credibility in the respective industry with an advanced marketing strategy. A team of creative heads is waiting with their ideas to beat your competitors digitally.


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